Thursday, January 21, 2010

So Much Going On...

Well blog, we meet again! I have been missing in action for some time now, and a LOT has gone on! I have done a lot this week. I found the gown of my dreams and I feel BEAUTIFUL in it! I sold my old dresses and my other wedding stuff, and I can't wait to get the money for them! I found the bridesmaids dresses, and am thinking of centerpieces and may have found a idea or two for those. I am so excited about everything coming together and unfolding in May on OUR BIG DAY!
Well, I am over my cold,slightly.. But now my babies are sick :(! Patrick has the croup and a ear infection and Dylan has a wicked bad cold! So needless to say there has been no such thing as sleep around here!! Other then that the only other thing that has gone on is Dylan started going from tummy to sitting, and from crawling to pulling himself up on the couch :). Hes getting so big!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding Blog Entry #1

Ahh! Finally a chance to update about our wedding planning! Soooo much is going on this week its so exciting! Well, first today we made a big bump in the wedding! We got the justice of the peace, just gotta pay her first and she is booked! Then we have the gazebo which, is FREE!!! UNLESS we want electricity! Then its a extra charge! We have the hall for the reception. Just gotta get our guest list finished and give him 150.00 (half down) and we are booked! We have a taste testing on Tuesday next week. Tj, Shannon and I are going! AHHH SOOOOOO exciting!!Dress shopping with Tj's sister Shannon and my cousin Dawn! I am pretty excited about it! I am thinking of trying on some dresses. I think I want to get rid of mine, but I don't know how! Well I am off to go to bed! I will update tomorrow!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's !

Well, here we are.. About to embark another year of memories! Another year of laughs, tears, fights, happy times! I am excited about this year, this year I am getting married, hopefully giving birth to my 4th child and living life on youtube! I have decided to document one year of my life on youtube! It starts today and ends next year! Ringing in the new year! Woohoo! I am not guaranteeing there will be a blog on here everyday, but imma try! roflmao! I really do suck at this shit! :D Anyways I just wanted to say that! I hope you all have a awesome New Year's! God bless!xoxox

Saturday, December 26, 2009

After Holidays..

Well, Christmas is over..It's 8:45am, Dylan and I have been up a hour now. I'm feeding him as I type.. It's a skill I swear!!Well, yesterday went fairly well. Tj got some new clothes, I got three gift certificates, clothes and some jewelry. The kids made out fairly well. Patrick got trains galore, three Thomas sets and a Train table!Along with some clothes of course. A new crib and some teethers, books and outfits for Dylan! And they both got a cute table set and a lamp for their room.. All in all, a good day!
Focus Sonja! Wedding in like T-minus 5 months hahaha..
I have to get a move on! At least with our taxes we might be able to afford a nice wedding. This past year TJ got back 3 grand! I have hardly wedding party which is sad. But we will work with what we got! LOL.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Introduction To My Life

Well, I am not the best "blogger" but I will try to be. I can't guarantee I will be at this all the time.. But I will say that I will try to write as much and as often as I can. A little bit about me. I am a mother of three handsome lil boys. I had my oldest in my first serious relationship at the age of 18 on January 2,2003 after 12 hrs of hard labor. Brandon Joshua entered the world at 7:47pm. I will never forget the moment I held him in my arms. Aw breath taking. His father and I broke up 5 1/2 months after his birth and I moved in with my father and his wife. I met the love of my life that year on April 11,2006! We immediately began dating that night and I moved in 3 1/2 days later! Our relationship in the beginning was amazing! But in the mist of it all, I lost custody of Brandon. I got engaged to TJ on the 4th of July that year, and a month later 2 days before TJ's birthday.. found out we were expecting.. On April 11,2006.. exactly ONE YEAR from us going out.. I gave birth via c-section at 12:04 pm to our son Patrick Joseph. On July 7th,2009 via C-section at 3:14 am I gave birth to my last son Dylan Jackson. And there you have it.
I am in the mist of getting married this coming year and I am EXCITED!
Well I have the most AMAZING youtube friends and viewers! They are ALWAYS there for me whenever I need them.=It's always nice to have people there when you need them. No matter how far away they live.