Saturday, December 26, 2009

After Holidays..

Well, Christmas is over..It's 8:45am, Dylan and I have been up a hour now. I'm feeding him as I type.. It's a skill I swear!!Well, yesterday went fairly well. Tj got some new clothes, I got three gift certificates, clothes and some jewelry. The kids made out fairly well. Patrick got trains galore, three Thomas sets and a Train table!Along with some clothes of course. A new crib and some teethers, books and outfits for Dylan! And they both got a cute table set and a lamp for their room.. All in all, a good day!
Focus Sonja! Wedding in like T-minus 5 months hahaha..
I have to get a move on! At least with our taxes we might be able to afford a nice wedding. This past year TJ got back 3 grand! I have hardly wedding party which is sad. But we will work with what we got! LOL.

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  1. Good luck with your doctors visit! I am praying for you and lil beanie!