Thursday, January 21, 2010

So Much Going On...

Well blog, we meet again! I have been missing in action for some time now, and a LOT has gone on! I have done a lot this week. I found the gown of my dreams and I feel BEAUTIFUL in it! I sold my old dresses and my other wedding stuff, and I can't wait to get the money for them! I found the bridesmaids dresses, and am thinking of centerpieces and may have found a idea or two for those. I am so excited about everything coming together and unfolding in May on OUR BIG DAY!
Well, I am over my cold,slightly.. But now my babies are sick :(! Patrick has the croup and a ear infection and Dylan has a wicked bad cold! So needless to say there has been no such thing as sleep around here!! Other then that the only other thing that has gone on is Dylan started going from tummy to sitting, and from crawling to pulling himself up on the couch :). Hes getting so big!

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