Monday, January 11, 2010

Wedding Blog Entry #1

Ahh! Finally a chance to update about our wedding planning! Soooo much is going on this week its so exciting! Well, first today we made a big bump in the wedding! We got the justice of the peace, just gotta pay her first and she is booked! Then we have the gazebo which, is FREE!!! UNLESS we want electricity! Then its a extra charge! We have the hall for the reception. Just gotta get our guest list finished and give him 150.00 (half down) and we are booked! We have a taste testing on Tuesday next week. Tj, Shannon and I are going! AHHH SOOOOOO exciting!!Dress shopping with Tj's sister Shannon and my cousin Dawn! I am pretty excited about it! I am thinking of trying on some dresses. I think I want to get rid of mine, but I don't know how! Well I am off to go to bed! I will update tomorrow!

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